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Industrial Emergency Response Training also conducts audits and inspections covering the following:

1.  Fire Protection at your owned locations.
a. Fire extinguisher locations and type.
b. Storage of flammable liquids and other materials.
2. I can inventory all your hazardous materials and make sure you have up-to-date MSDS’s for each one.
3. I can inspect your locations for PRCS, permit required confined spaces, and make sure all are properly marked.
4. I can write detailed LO/TO, lock out/tag out, procedures for any shop equipment at your locations.
We have written Safety Manuals for construction companies and small industries.  These can be as simple or detailed as your require.  

We use a standard format but, tailor the specific details to the policies or practices your company already has in place.

We can also serve as an on-site Safety Officer for your company at any site requiring one during construction or process changes.  

We can also serve as a Safety Advisor on any job or site where you may have specific concerns of problems.  We have also written Site Safety Plans required for the bid process or individual job requirement.